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just when we believe we could be great

reality, it permeates and conquers from within


aly. twenty-something graduate student. bachelors in sociology. pursuing masters in social work. brandi carlile enthusiast. dyke-folk listener. photoshop whore. apple lover.

brandi carlile. tegan and sara. indigo girls. julia nunes. kaki king. midtown dickens. hope and anchor. hanson. ani difranco. the be good tanyas. death cab for cutie. something corporate.

law and order: svu. weeds. buffy the vampire slayer. the l word. one tree hill. queer as folk.

v for vendetta. mulholland drive. donnie darko. lady in the water. mean girls. white oleander. borat. little miss sunshine.

white oleander. invisible monsters. perks of being a wallflower. tipping the velvet. the lovely bones. little chlidren.

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